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The 6 week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Includes

Psychotherapy Sessions

Throughout the course of your program you will have 2 weekly therapy sessions with your primary assigned therapist. During these sessions you will process and receive emotional and mental support. Your primary therapist will serve as the lead clinician during your 6 week program, meaning they will be the point person to discuss questions and concerns related to your program should they arise. 

Psycho-Education Sessions

Each week you will have a total of 15 hours of psycho-education, where you will work through Patrick Carnes' Recovery Start Kit under the facilitation of their IOP as well. During this time you will develop daily and weekly skills and rituals to develop the healthy routine necessary in early stages of recovery and to prevent relapse, as well as build supportive relationships to enhance your recovery.

Group Therapy

Each week you will attend one two-hour group therapy session. Group work has been an essential part of addition treatment for decades. In your therapy group you will process with other peers in recovery your process, emotions, and insights, as well as develop supportive relationships essential to long term recovery.

Weekly Progress Check

Once a week you will meet with the IOP Director to review your materials, organize and coordinate any scheduling changes, and address and administrative needs  that may arise. These meetings are approximately 30 minutes each week and will make sure your program runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Recovery Essentials Intensive Workshop

At some point during your program you will attend a 4 day workshop spread out over a long weekend. During this workshop you will work through our Foundations Curriculum written and developed by Banyan Staff with other peers beginning their recovery and will help you to further build your recovery network of support, develop deeper insights into the root causes of your addiction, and develop tools and skills to support long term recovery as well as help heal your relationship. 

What Is Covered In Pathway's Intensive Programs?

Topics will vary based on the needs of the participants, the topics we typically cover include:

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