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Mini Split Installation

Rated 5/5 Stars

How long does it take to install?

Typically the installation can be done in a day, about 4 to 6 hours.

What do we look for prior to installation?

We will ask a few questions to see if the mini split system is right for you. It's important for us to know the floorplan of the space and identify the wall where you want your air handler. We also ask where your existing outlets & breaker panel is located so we can determine the length of wires needed as well as other electrical components required.

What We Do

We provide customized solutions to help all stakeholders navigate and succeed in this evolving landscape.



Athletes are dealt with navigating this ever changing NIL landscape while protecting their interests at both the collegiate and interscholastic athletic levels.  

Collaborative and intentional planning to engage interests in multiple platforms ranging from social awareness to local business or corporate relationships.

Brand Awareness



The complications associated with multiple deciding factors on which avenues to be associated with that will positively affect one's image or brand. 

Through a comprehensive and detailed approach to design one's portfolio built to meet the best interests of the client and their associations.  

Education & Policy



The constant changes to the NIL environment specific to the conformation to legislation amongst multiple affiliations.

A high standard of care and priority is instituted to meet all standards and regulations of one's portfolio and affiliations.

Market Strategy



Determining appropriate goals to meet one's standards revolving around positive brand and image building.

The full extent of the team's attention is given to each client, ranging from portfolio building to 24/7 guidance.  An ICG client is considered family as we all rise to meet and support their goals.  

Community and Social Awareness



Beyond the game, understanding one's community and social impact is a key value in the ICG portfolio. Determining one's path is a collaborative and ongoing discussion.

Our ICG team prioritizes community engagement for the betterment of both our client and the extensive network of relationships we have built.    

Financial Literacy 



Understanding the legalities of contracts and one's financial obligations are complicated and unique at each level.  

Experienced guidance through an extended network of associated professionals, will help our clients through all legal and financial questions and concerns.

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