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Pathway Therapy is founded out of decades of expertise and training in the field of sex and pornography addiction as well as betrayal trauma.  Built off the clinical work and influence of many top experts within this field, Pathway aims to be a place where those struggling with sex addiction and their partners affected receive the care they need. 

Individual Therapy

Has your addictive behavior gotten out of control?  Are struggling with pornography use or compulsive sexual behaviors?  Is your life in crisis due to the impact of such behaviors?  


All of our therapists are trained in using specialized tools and resources to begin healing yourself and your relationships.  We often begin with an assessment to determine how far addictive issues may have escalated and work to determine the right level of support for each client to effectively address their concerns.  


A good relationship with a therapist trained specially in this area becomes the cornerstone for ongoing work.  While facing challenges such as these can be an uncomfortable and painful process, there is often great relief in breaking out of destructive patterns.  To make an appointment with one of our therapists please reach out to us today.

Our expertly trained staff at Pathway Therapy Center exists to provide a place of healing and recovery for individuals dealing with sex and pornography addiction and partners who have been affected by their behavior.

Our trained staff specializes in helping addicts:
1) Arrest their addictive behaviors (establish sobriety)
2) Identify and address underlying issues and traumas
3) Repair damage caused by their addictive behaviors.

Eric Anderson, LMFT, CSAT
M.S. In Marital and Family Therapy

We specialize in helping partners:
1) Navigate the complexities of being in a relationship with an addict
2) Empower them to set and hold healthy and appropriate boundaries
3) Reestablish a healthy relationships with self and others


Philip Huang AMFT 
M.A. in Counseling Psychology

Renee profile pic.jpg

Renee Swanson AMFT
 M.A in. Clinical Psychology for Marriage & Family Therapy


Drea Garrett AMFT APCC
 M.A in. Counseling



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