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6 Week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) 

A 6 week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that is customized around client's schedules to provide residential level services on an outpatient basis. This program entails about 20 hours a week of therapy services and can be extended up to 18 weeks when deemed appropriate.


Tailored To Your Needs

The 6 Week Intensive Outpatient Program is the highest level service offered at Pathway Therapy and is designed to be an alternative to inpatient treatment. What makes our program unique is that the schedule provided is customized to each client to allow them to begin their intensive recovery work while accommodating commitments to work and family over the 6 weeks.  Ahead is a comprehensive list of the services provided in the IOP as well as a walkthrough of how to get the process started.

The 6 week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Includes

Psychotherapy Sessions

Throughout the course of your program you will have 2 weekly therapy sessions with your primary assigned therapist. During these sessions you will process and receive emotional and mental support. Your primary therapist will serve as the lead clinician during your 6 week program, meaning they will be the point person to discuss questions and concerns related to your program should they arise. 

Psycho-Education Sessions

These sessions will constitute the majority of your time in the program as each week, clients spend a total of 15 hours working through Patrick Carnes’ Recovery Start Kit (RSK) curriculum under the facilitation of one of our trained staff.  This will also structure daily and weekly habits and behavior changes and will continue into after care and set the stage for long term recovery.

Group Therapy

Each week clients will attend on 90 minute group therapy session.  Group therapy has been shown to be an essential part of addiction treatment.  During this time clients will share with their peers experiences in their recovery process, gain insights from and provide support to others, and gain a vision for their long term recovery from peers who are further down the road in their recovery process.

Weekly Progress Checklist

As the program is built to be as flexible as possible with each client’s schedule, there is a short administrating meeting each week with the program director to make sure progress is up to speed, address any schedule changes needed, and any other administrative issues that may arise.

Foundations of Recovery Intensive

At some point in the program clients participate in a 4 day recovery intensive workshop where they work through a specialized curriculum, coauthored by our Founder and Clinical director.  This intensive consists of four full days of work and is scheduled from a Friday to Monday and includes a small group of 3 to 5 participants.  Here, clients develop deeper insights into the root causes of their addiction and further develop the ongoing structure needed to sustain long term recovery.


Upon formal completion of the program, clients are given a full break down of aftercare recommendations and discuss the next steps for their individual and relationship recovery.  This creates a smooth transition to the ongoing phase of the recovery work and sets expectations for the long term recovery process.

Partner Support

Because Pathway also specializes in helping partners recover from the impact of betrayal, partners may also have their own therapist at Pathway while the client goes through the IOP.  This allows the team at Pathway to integrate the partner’s specific into the intensive work being completed during the IOP.  Partner Services can include their own individual therapy, partner support groups, and 4 day partner intensives.

Next Steps:

Reach Out To A Professional

If you are interested in Pathway’s Intensive Outpatient Program please reach out and schedule a complimentary program consultation call with the program director.  From there you will complete an intake process, discuss the fit of the program, and develop a schedule proposal.  From the time of the consultation call, clients can get begin in as soon as 2 weeks.  If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page or reach out to

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