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Intensive Workshops

Our Sex Addiction Foundations Intensive centers on two key components: Building a solid foundation of recovery and understanding the impact of the addiction on your partner. To accomplish a recovery foundation, we will use resources such as Facing the Shadow. In addition, we will help you understand the traumatic impact of sex addiction on your partner,
and how you can begin the process of relational restoration.

- Foundations of Recovery Intensive (4 days)
- Partner's Healing and stabilization intensive (4 days)
- Relationship healing empathy intensive (2 day)


Build A Path To Recovery

Pathway offers a variety of intensive workshops to help addicts and partners move quickly through various stages of the recovery process.  Our intensives take place over a 2-4 days full days and are meant to move you through 6-9 months of therapy work over the course of a weekend.  The focused small group structure of the intensives allows clients to go deeper and move quicker through the materials covered.  

What Will Be Covered In The Intensives?

Some topics will vary based on the needs of the participants, but topics we typically cover include:

Understanding compulsive sexual behaviors

Clarifying the relational impact of addictive behaviors

Jump start your recovery process

Healing from shame/guilt

Establishing new patterns of healthy communication

Building relapse prevention strategies

Focusing on aftercare – Building a solid program of recovery

Creating a vision for the future

Improve your ability to handle conflict with your partner

Pathway Therapy is currently offering the following Intensives: 

Foundations of Recovery Intensive

For addicts in looking to jump start their recovery, in early recovery, or who have been in recovery for a while but having trouble sustaining sobriety

The Foundations of recovery Intensive focuses on to key areas: Building a solid foundation of recovery and understanding the impact addiction has on partners and relationships.  This intensive spans 4 full days and will accomplish the following:

  • Understand compulsive sexual behaviors

  • Establish a solid circle plan

  • Expanding got circle plan to include relational healing

  • Identify patterns of distorted thinking and their consequences

  • Exploring the cycle of sexual acting out and building a recovery and restoration cycle

  • Identify patterns from family of origin through timelines and venograms

  • Build tools to manage distressing emotions

  • Identify  and begin to address negative core beliefs

  • Exploring maladaptive coping strategies and control dynamics in relationships

  • Identify arousal template and it’s influence on addictive behaviors

  • Healing from shame and guilt

  • Establish new patterns of healthy communication

  • Build relapse prevention strategies

  • Build a solid program of recovery for aftercare

  • Create a vision for the future both in recovery and relationships

Begin to enact these plans moving forward

Betrayal Trauma Intensive

For partners looking to build support, emotionally destabilize, and gain tools to manage the impact of betrayal

The goal of our Partner’s Intensive is to provide a safe space for healing for women in relationship with a sex addict. This intensive provides a small group environment to help provide community support, a safe space where you can share your story with others, education, resources, and tools for beginning your healing journey from betrayal trauma. 
We take a multidimensional partner trauma model approach, recognizing that sex addiction creates a traumatic rupture for partners of sexually addicted men and women. Because of this betrayal trauma, we’ve found that many partners need extra support to help build support and healing. 

Some topics included in the partner’s intensive are:


  • Dealing with the emotional aftershock of discovery and/or disclosure Understanding betrayal
    trauma symptoms

  • Examining the impact of sexual betrayal

  • Building new resources for self-care and safety Navigating trauma triggers

  • Understanding sex addiction

  • Exploring the impact of sex addiction on the body and on sexuality Identifying patterns of emotional and psychological abuse in the relationship Healing somatically

  • Solidifying a new foundation of values

  • Building healthy boundaries

  • Creating a vision for self and the relationship

Preparing to move from here – Establishing a plan for the future 

Helping your Relationship Heal Empathy Intensive

For addicts further along in the recovery process, looking to better navigate challenges in their relationship

Has your relational recovery stalled because your partner and you just can’t seem to move forward? Do you continually find yourself baffled and unequipped to know how to respond?  Do you find yourself defensive by your partner’s continued questions about the betrayal?  This 2-day intensive is designed to better equip you to repair relationships impacted by addiction and betrayal.

In this workshop we explore:

  • A Betrayal trauma overview that answers the "why’s" to your partner’s trauma, perspective and behaviors

  • Empathy skills and how to effectively apply them in your relationship 

  • How to navigate conflicts productively

  • Practice empathy skills in a safe environment

  • Create an action plan to help get your relationship unstuck 

  • Workshop and practice empathy skills in real time

Next Steps:

Reach Out To A Professional

If you are interested in Pathway’s Weekend Intensive Workshops please reach out and schedule a complimentary program consultation call with the program director.  From there you will complete an intake process, discuss the fit of the program, and develop a schedule proposal.  From the time of the consultation call, clients can get begin in as soon as 2 weeks.  If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page or reach out to

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